Hill Country: Ball moss, bittersweet, milkwort

Today is our last day in the Texas Hill Country. The wildflowers are just now starting to show their beauty. Here are some I have drawn.

This is a Slender Stem Bittersweet, Hymenoxys Scaposa, which has shown itself in just the past few days.This is also coming up all over the place. It is the White Milkwort, Polygala Alba.
My naturalist friend, Jim Dillard, told me about this one:

"Ball moss (Tillandsia recurvata) commonly grows on trees, fences, and utility wires. It is not a true moss; it's related to pineapple and ornamental bromeliads. However, it does not taste like pineapple at all (according to some Aggies).

"Ball moss is an epiphyte, which means that it grows on other plants but does not take nutrients from them. The "hold fasts" or "pseudo roots" of ball moss anchor it to the surface on which it grows. Unlike true roots, the false roots do not take up water and nutrients. The leaves and stems of ball moss, like those of other bromeliads, absorb water and nutrients from the air. This characteristic has earned bromeliads the nickname of "air plants." "
This is a photo of the Ball Moss.
And finally, a photo of what the Texas Hill Country looks like. Today was cloudy, but because we are so close to Austin and San Antonio, there is a lot of pollution in the air. Also, here is a wonderful website to view all the wildflowers of Texas: http://www.texaswildflowerpictures.com/wf_index.htm.
And I still need three players to Pay It Forward! Check here for details!


Midlife Mom said…
Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I love having new folks drop by! You have some beautiful pictures on your blog, just lovely!! I would love to see Texas some time in my life, Maine is beautiful too!
Teri C said…
Lovely examples Sioux. I love seeing all the wildflowers popping up everywhere on blogs.
Lin said…
Wonderful sketches, Sioux!!! I had not idea about the ball moss -- thanks for the info too!
crackerjacksMO said…
Thank you for stopping my my blog. I love taking photos. You have a beautiful site as well and I love your paintings! Such talent!

Feel free to stop by again!
Gillian said…
What delicate and pretty wild flower paintings. We're still waiting for true Spring weather to arrive here in Wales!

You have a lovely blog - thanks for your kind comment on mine. I'll return. x

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