Another Stopped Up Ear Day...Ugh!

Well, my ears are still stopped up and my equilibrium is off, so now drawing for me...nothing but sitting and reading. So...thought I'd try to entertain here. You may have seen these, but they are worth a repeat! This first is from my oldest daughter, Kat, and the second is from my cousin, Ron.

In its January 22, 2008 edition, the Quebec City newspaper, Le Soleil, had a topic about generations by age group.

Generations are grouped as follows:

- The Silent generation, people born before 1945.

- The Baby Boomers, people born between 1945 and 1961.

- Generation X, people born between 1962 and 1976.

- Generation Y, people born between 1977 and 1989.

Why do we call the last one generation Y. I did not know, but a caricaturist explains it eloquently below...Learned something new!


I hope by tomorrow to be back to cleaning the studio and drawing. BTW, we're having another storm tonight...Tornado Alley in the Spring!


Tinker said…
That generation - )( - cracked me up~
: )
Hope your ears and equilibrium get better soonm Sioux - and that the storm turns out to be a gentle one...
Tinker said…
Hope my typing gets better too - that was supposed to be a comma, not an 'm'!
Dawn said…
The cartoons are hilarious - I am SO sick of the "Y" in that generation! Hope it passes soon.

I hope you're feeling better! Nothing worse than being dizzy.
Susie said…
Cute cartoons! I've had that stopped ears myself, and it's no fun at all.
There are so many allergy symptoms at this time of year in our part of CA.
Hope you feel better soon!

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