A Lazier Day Today

Sioux looking over Pedernales Falls, east of Johnson City

When I say "lazy day", I mean LAZY. We didn't wake up until 11 am!!! Guess we were tired from one day driving down here and another driving all over the Hill Country. It was too late to get a breakfast meal, so we settled for a lunch at a place call Sunshine in Blanco. And all I can say is DO NOT EVER EAT THERE!!

Then we went to the Blanco Lavendar shop and got some goodies...plan to go back for more, as well. Hill Country Lavendar in Blanco is wonderful!! The pottery is beautiful, as well. If you're in Blanco, go there. It's a must!

Then we went to Blanco State Park. Raf fished, and I drew. Then on to Pedernales Falls State Park. We hiked and looked. Then on to a restaurant called Nutty Browns that is between Dripping Springs and Austin on Highway 290. It was the first real FOOD we had since we began this trip...and the flowers were beautiful, too.

Tomorrow we go to Austin to do Austin "rat killing"...Whole Foods, books, art supplies at Jerry's, Austin Camera, and on to Al and Cea's for their monthly song circle.

So here's what we saw today.
Little yellow wildflower.

Flower at Nutty Browns
Flower at Nutty Browns
More Nutty Brown
And more. . .
Bluebonnets near the Pedernales


Merle said…
Hi Sue ~~ Great photos that I enjoyed seeing. What is "rat killing" in
Austin? Thanks for your visit to my
blog and I hope you will come again.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.
Lin said…
Sioux -- you are the going-est lady I know!! LOL What fun!! I LOVe seeing all the places you go and the wonderful flowers -- and yAH -- more of your paintings!!!
Naturegirl said…
Aww..look at you resting with your walking sticks..something I should invest in for my hikes here in AZ!
Got your message "GS" love the blossoms you post! Surely will call if we pass by..in the meantime looking forward to the Glitter weekend! hugs NG..
P.S. merle asks the same Q. I wonder about?!
Beautiful flowers! I think we need a lazy day sometimes.
Sheila said…
I don't think we get Blue Bonnets here, but when ever anyone mentions them I think of Texas..!
Susie said…
I've never heard the term "rat killing" as it relates to shopping!
Love all your beautiful flower photos!
violette said…
Dearest Sioux......congrats on finishing your book girl! You rock! Good luck with finding a home for it......i'm sure you will. You're an amazing writer!

Love, violette
Dawn said…
Thanks for stopping by my Show and Tell story this week.

You go on such fun adventures. Love the flower pictures - come over and see mine from my yard!

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