Illustration Friday (on Saturday) and A Laugh is good for the Soul

Illustration Friday's prompt is SAVE. I would like to save this beautiful spring with all its fragrant blooms as it has come to me, a spring in my soul. For those of you who read my blog a couple of days ago, here is a tiny watercolor I did of the wisteria blossoms outside our door. Let's SAVE the spirit of Spring and revel in it each winter!
Now for a chuckle...also needed to help revive the soul!

My friend, speech therapist, Linda Irby, sent me the above. It's great for a laugh, and that is good for everyone.

And finally on another front, for those of you who are interested in what's going on in the Anglican church, you will see here that the state of Virginia ruled in favor of the churches which had withdrawn from the national Episcopal Church because the church has strayed from the teachings of the Bible: . Let us be thankful for the wisdom of a Virginia judge!

Thanks be to God.


Teri C said…
Lovely flowers. I guess we have to save spring in our heart!
What a lovely portrait! And the video was so funny!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Watercolor!
Hilarious Video!

Have a Blessed Creative
Healthy Year!!!

Thanks for stopping by
my blog!
Lovely watercolor and so delighted to hear your religious group is clinging to The Word and Truth and that the judge upheld that. VICTORY IN JESUS!!!!!
nannykim said…
funny video--really enjoyed it. Hmm, I am wondering if the case will be appealed--at what level was the judge? Maybe you said--I'll have to go back and read it. I am glad for that Judge!
Cherry Menlove said…
What a beautiful painting of the Wisteria. I too love Spring although the snow we had yesterday doesn't really remind me of sunshine!!!!!

Cherry Menlove xoxox

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