Texas Weather--HAIL

Just a few shots to show you how much damage we had last night. We had hailstones the size of softballs. Broke multiple windows. The roof is damaged and water was running down the inside wall last night. So, we are back and will be cleaning it up. John and Joey will be helping us.
Backyard...note hummingbird feeder is "mostly" intact.
A "green" yard.
Front yard.
Back yard
North side of the house boarded up.
Front leaded glass window.


AnnieElf said…
oh my. You were a wee bit beaten up. thank God it wasn't worse.
Robyn said…
Oh, dear. It look as though someone has taken a glass cutter to that window, the hole is so round. I hope that the clean up doesn't cost you too much.
Toni said…
Sioux just so long as you and Raf are ok. What a mess. Hoping all goes well with the cleanup.
Ouch! That hail can be wicked stuff! So sorry it happened to you.
Susie said…
It's hard to even visualize hail the size of softballs! So glad you weren't injured by them!

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