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We all come to where we are, at this very minute, with a terrible amount of baggage…not suitcases, but stuff that clogs up our minds, molds our lives, helps or hinders us along the road to where we are going.

Some of the baggage that we carry can be so stifling that we cannot take a deep breath without gagging. Some baggage is so heavy that at times we can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t see the road.

What do we do about that baggage?

We can let it consume us, hold us down, keep us from achieving the balance we need in order to live happy, productive lives. But…we don’t have to let that happen.

We are in charge of our lives. We have free will. We can accept or reject the burden of that baggage. That is solely us to us.

What is my baggage? Well, that’s my business, and I have dealt with it and come out the other side about as mentally healthy as I can be.

What is your baggage? No, I don’t want to know; I want you to delve deeply into your soul and find it. If it’s good baggage, put it on and wear it proudly. Carry it everywhere. If it bad baggage, throw it out; it’s over, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Don’t “what if” yourself. That leads to lunacy.

Take the now, and make present and future baggage something that will lighten your load and make you strong, happy, loving, and giving.

We all come “with baggage”, but it’s what we do with it that counts.


alyndabear said…
Thankyou for this post; Most of us talk about our emotional baggage, but what do we actually do about it?

I will have to think of this, sit down and really think.

Michelle said…
I absolutely believe in throwing it out. Why walk through life with weights? This is easier said than done, of course.
gigergal said…
My trouble is I throw the bad baggage out, then collect it up again and stuff it right back. It's not always easy to offload the bad stuff once and for all. I applaude anyone who manages this once and for all.
Gemma said…
You are so right.
Wonder what to do with the bags under my eyes.
briliantdonkey said…
outstanding post! Thank you

annie said…
thank you for that...
Anonymous said…
awesome post Sioux.....i needed to hear what you had to say. Many thanks.

love violette

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