Family Tradition - Stephenville 4th of July

Each Independence Day we celebrate in my hometown of Stephenville, Texas, where there is music and fireworks in the park...the park that used to be my girlfriend, Helen's, father's pasture which it is now an amphitheatre. The town has a grand celebration, and many of our family and friends join with us and several thousand townspeople for a beautiful celebration of the birthday of our country. It was a beautiful night, as it had rained earlier, and the temperature was much cooler. Gary P. Nunn played in addition to some local bands. A good time was had by all. Happy Birthday, America!


Lin said…
WHAT FUN, Sioux!!!! Everyone seems to be havign such a grand time!!!!
Michelle said…
That looks nice, without being too crowded. We ate at my brother's place, but I begged off sitting in the car for two hours waiting for the downtown fireworks. It is weird how crowded this small town can get on these occasions!
Kai said…
Aloha !!
It looks like your 4th was wonderful, with friends, family and people.. even your weather co-operated!!
thanks for your nice words.. Kai.
Lynn Mann said…
Happy late Fourth to Sue and Raf and....

What fun! How you pack life into your lives!

Hope to see you again in 2006.

Cuz Lynn
Anonymous said…
Wow....beautiful pics Sioux! Thank you for sharing them!

Happy Belated birthday to Raf too! Hope he enjoyed himself!

Loretta said…
What a great, old fashioned Fourth of July. Lovely photos of friends and family deep in the heart of Texas!


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