Sunday Scribblings - Two Peas in a Pod

Two little girls grew up very close to each other…so close people would exclaim: “You two are like two peas in a pod.”

Now that wasn’t really so, as one was tall and dark and the other was short with red hair. But they went everywhere together. They played games, went to Brownies, rode horseback, had fun. So much fun.

The redhead’s granny would comment, “You’re just like two peas in a pod.”

And they thought they were…or wanted to be.

They loved each other so much. They yearned to be closer than friends. To be sisters, cousins, something blood-thick.

Then they grew up and moved away. Away from their hometown. Away from each other. They married, had children, divorced, remarried, but they seldom saw each other. They were left as only one pea in each pod.

Then something happened…a pull like a magnet caused them to come together in the same place at the same time, and there they were again. Two peas in a pod. Grandmothers, wives, older, but close again…heartstrings making them as close as two peas in a pod.


Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! Thank you for the info on the links...It all sounds like gobbeldy gook to me , but I'm gonna try! I checked out Del Castillo and they are awesome! That one guy is really HOT! Thanks gal! Pam ARies...did I already tell you how much I love your pins? They are so groovy and artsy!
Gemma said…
Hi Souix
I stopped by Pam Aries blog and checked the DelCastillo website you put there. Yes they do sound good. I am new at this blog biz but really enjoying it.Come visit me @
I enjoyed reading your blog and hope to have some time to surf through archives.
Chelle Y. said…
That was so sweet and beautiful. That sounds almost like the post I wrote. My little "peas" have been separated, but I believe they are so close that nothing will change despite the miles between them.
paris parfait said…
A very sweet story, with a happy ending. Lovely!
alyndabear said…
Loved that post. Sad but I love how it worked out in the end. I'm a sucker for those endings.

Laini said…
Lovely! I've been living far from my other pea for a long time now, and I'd like to think one day we might be close again!
What a sweet, endearing tale!! I loved it!
Have a lovely weekend!
tinker said…
Hi, Sioux! I just noticed you'd joined up on Sunday Scribblings!
Yay! This was a really sweet post.
Michelle said…
Love this. I remember trying to become "blood sisters" and us both being so chicken that we picked some scabs and rubbed them together. We just couldn't bring ourselves to actually cut ourselves (fortunately).

On another note, I taught Texas History last year. During a map game, I erroneously told the kids that Palo Pinto meant "Pale Horse". I started questioning myself and had to eat crow later. At any rate, I like the name of that town.

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