Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker - Botanical Art Challenge

Scientific Name: Kniphofia uvaria (L.) Hooker; Synonym: Tritoma uvaria; Family: Liliaceae

This lily can be seen across the United States in the summer. It is a native of South Africa, but it grows, now, in abundance on roadsides in the US in the summer. It is expecially hardy in the southwest.

This lily was the July Challenge for the Botanical Art Yahoo and Flickr groups.

This was drawn on regular moleskine using a Tech liner .03 pen with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.


Bonny said…
Wow, Sioux! This drawing is super! The colours are so intense. You really get the feeling the flower is actually 'red hot'. It's so vibrant... Beautifully done.
Lin said…
FANTABULOUS, Sioux!!!! The colors, the flower !!!! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL JOB!
Linda said…
Beautifully done,Sioux! The colors are so vibrant!
Toni said…
Beautiful job Sioux! you have captured the true essence of this flower.
Hopefully others will join in.
I'm still buried under wedding invitaitons. Almost done.
wonderfully done, Sioux! You nailed the color and the gradation it makes from top to bottom. Bravo!

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