Prismacolor Colored Pencil
Sharpie with Prismacolor Colored Pencil
I did the one with just colored pencil, and it had no definition, so I decided to "try" using a Sharpie since I had heard from several sources that they were good. NOOOO. On the Moleskine the Sharpie bled through to the first sketch. So, back to Micron and Techliner!! NO SHARPIE. As to the sketches, I like the second much better with a clear definition. I do much better, I think, drawing and then painting or coloring. What do you think??


Lin said…
I too tend to like definition ... I do like this one very much -- great color and shape!!!
Penny said…
I agree with Lin, like the definition, it looks good enough to eat.
Toni said…
The second one does have more definition. You are creating more value when you apply ink lines.

Try adding darker values to the colored pencil one and you will see it pop.

Keep drawing and painting they look great
Gemma said…
Definatly the Micron and Techliner.
Do you always draw first, then paint? Either way, I enjoy your work.

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