EDM Challenge #74 - clouds

Well, I did it, and I'm certainly NOT happy with it. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of sky...landscape. This was done in Prismacolor Pencils.


Teri C said…
Hey Sioux, I made a discovery while practicing clouds (not posted). Clouds come in all shapes, sizes and formations so no matter what you do....it works!

I am always glad to see you sketching!
Madeleine said…
Isn't the beauty in the process half the time, though. I spend most of my time hating my paintings and realise tht it's such a waste of my energy.

Keep going, and love what you do, as you appear to.

Thankyou for your comment today. Very much appreciated. Nice to take a look at your blog :)
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! First of all..when I read your comment on my blog about slowing down or I would't enjoy it...you hit the nail on the head!!! I thought the VERY same thing! I was thinking if I have to be a maniac to get to
Paris, I am going to be too tired to enjoy the trip! so I decided to let the Universe help me out! ha! Now...about your lanscapes...I always had a hard time painting what I thought a landscape was "supposed to look like". Then one day...I Was like,,,,....This is how my landscape looks!!!! BTW>>>Yours is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
judie said…
Your clouds are wonderful Sioux. You should love them. Really good pencil work!
Gemma said…
You captured some of the illuminating qualities of the sky. Thats hard to do.

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