Gus today

Gus today
Originally uploaded by siouxsue42.
Gus had his ears back because I had been rubbing them, and I think they itched.

This was done with Prismacolor pencils on Strathmore drawing medium, 80 lb.


Linda said…
:-D Great drawing! Is that also Gus in your avatar photo?
melissa w said…
Something about the glowing eyes with the whiteness of the cat is a bit spooky. A nice job with minimal lines.
Sioux said…
Yes, that is Gus in the avatar. Also, there is much more color (grays) in the drawing than you can see from the scan.
Michelle said…
Cute. My three-legged Varmint always needs her right ear scratched. She will even lick my fingers so I can groom her.

Your drawing inspires me!
Teri C said…
Neat portrait Sioux. You have those cat eyes down perfect!
jenclair said…
Wonderful name! And evidently a social "Gus" from the photo. :)
altermyworld said…
that is an awesome drawing. Just a cutie

can you email me at
for the visual journal swap

Jana Bouc said…
This is great--very comical. He almost looks to me like he's wearing a monk's robe for some reason--like he's a wise monk about to impart some wisdom--making it even funnier. When my cat Busby puts his ears back like that we call it the "owl" pose because it makes him look like an owl.

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