Monday, July 03, 2006

One Deep Breath: Journey - The Poetry

Haiku for the week, complete with haiga camera toss


Teri C said...

I love writing haiku Sioux and this one is so beautiful and the photo makes it perfect.

Robyn said...

Great stuff, Sioux and thanks for accepting the invitation to join my Flickr haiga group.

ian russell said...

nice toss! looks like you caught someone. :o)

a lovely composition of haiku and image.

tinker said...

Very cool haiku and image, Sioux!

judie said...

Hey Sioux. I cannot pretend to understand Haiku becuz it is new to me but it looks very delicate. Only Asian anything I know, besides TKD, is Sumi-e painting. And that too, is very delicate.

Hope you are feeling better and your back problems are under control. Happy 4th!

Oh my gosh, it just started raining cats and dogs. Um...I think Jake and Gus and Sadie and Poke are out in my yard! :)

Tammy said...

Beautiful work with tossing that camera :) Lovely haiku


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