Stephenville, Texas, High School - Class of '61

The Stephenville, Texas, High School, Class of 1961, held its 45th class reunion at City Limits in Stephenville last night. We had a great turnout. We had fun, caught up with each other, even recognized each other (every 5 years is better for that!), ate a good meal, and talked, talked, talked. It was so good to see all those people I grew up with...and have known, as Mother used to say, "since before we were born".

However, we missed those who weren't there, and we hope to see them in 5 years, if not before!!

I hope we will begin plans soon for a 50th reunion. Wouldn't it be great if all of us were able to attend. I highly recommend City Limits as a good venue for such an activity.

Hugs and love to all the Class of '61! God bless us, everyone.


Gemma said…
Glad you had a good time Souix!
Like they say 'there's no friends like old friends'.
AnastasiaC said…
how wonderful - we have 20yrs next year Class of 1988
no one has organised anything so maybe I should......
Diane said…
I love that there was an empty seat on the front row for missing friends and that there seemed to be a private party going on to the left cause no one is looking at the photographer!
It's a great moment captured.
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