Yellow Butterfly

drawing by Camilla Riggs

Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones challenged me to write right here it is:

A yellow butterfly flew by
And why?
Because the sun was shiniing bright
Because the grass was green
The daffodils were sparkling in the wind...
Today is March the first, Ash should be cold...
But, no, the temberature is 97 in the shade!
The cardinal sings.
Cats sun themselves.
Buds almost burst from branches dry.
Is today the first day of spring?
No, not in March!
But, yes, the yellow butterfly flew by...
Who knows...not I, but he did fly by.


Bearuh said…
Wow you are such a good writer!!
Tami said…
Yay! I love Natlie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones is my favorite book on writing! Nice job you did. I can feel spring in the words.

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