Monday, Monday

I took this photo of Jake this morning. Actually his head was turned the other way until I took the picture, which I didn't look at until tonight, and it's fuzzy! Oh, well. Jake was having a very restful day today. He is about 2 years old, and we rescued him from the forest in Tennessee when we were staying at an RV park...almost 2 years ago. We called him Tennessee Jake Brake because we kept hearing jake brakes coming up the Mountains.

Anway, I have not sketched for two days!!! But I did machine embroider two shirts because we are taking Beth to Fossil Rim with Remo, Cynthia, and Bailey. I embroidered the girls shirts that had a giraffe on the back with Spring Break 2006 and their names on the front. I did not digitize the graphic because I am just learning to do that! Dell Shannon's Luis Mendosa used to say in her detective stories..."Tomorrow is also a day!"


Thorn said…
Sioux, Jake almost looks like my Sylvester...go look¤t=12-02-05_0901.jpg (oh, and that's my DD Kayley, she just loves Sylvie!)...carrie

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