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Back on Track

Well, I think I'm back on track today. We have finally begun to be rested after the visit from the grandchildren. And, it's not as if the grandchildren, in themselves, are hard to handle or anything, it's just that we want to show them a good time, so we go...go...go!! These two children are actually quite lovely, both in form and in their hearts.

Anyway, I have been able to sit down each morning to do my routine, which includes, of course, Danny Gregory's book and encouragement. So, I am going to begin journaling. Violette has tried to get me to do this for quite some time, and with both of them pushing me, I think I will. I certainly makes a great deal of sense.

Bass Hall

A friend just called and offered us tickets to Bass Hall on Sunday to hear Shakespearian music. It is Shakespeare in Music,
Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Conductor,
Presented by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Sounds wonderful!


Yesterday it was 97 degrees outside, and today is heading in that direction. Man, we have had 3 days under 32 degrees, and we have had so little rain.


Lent began yesterday with Ash Wednesday. We went to St. Luke's, and we feel God wants us to go there, at least for now. Although they have a female server (much against our belief), and neither St. Luke's nor the Diocese of Fort Worth has yet broken from ECUSA! Anyway, we are prepared to fight from within, at least for now.


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