Well, I have been busy NOT creating art! Oh, my. I've been computing so much, I haven't even drawn or sketched. I started three ATC's for the North Central Texas Mixed Media Group, but I haven't finished them! I have set up to have a new domain, but nothing is there, yet. I have FINALLY found a new web authoring software to work on MAC OS 10.4.5. Old Claris Homepage just won't work any more. :-( I love that software. Oh, well. We went to church to Stations of the Cross...each Wednesday in Lent. We bought a new door made in Mexico from long leaf pine. We have to go get it now, and we will need both grandsons to lift it! It is really heavy, but it's beautiful and a real, real bargain at $350! So, there went my two days...Oh, and I got a new version of Fetch and figured it out. Now it is almost 11, and here in Texas it is supposed to snow tonight. Oh, and I'm reading a D. Price book, a C. Nice book, and a mystery by Randy Wayne White, as well as The Creative License!


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