Be Still--Meditation on Lent

"Be still and know that I am God." Being still and quiet in this world is very hard. There is so much noise around us. The telephone rings. An airplane flies overhead. A car roars down the street. The neighbor's kids yell and scream. The cat meows, and the dog barks. The birds call. The washing machine grinds. The air conditioner bellows.

All around there is noice, but we have the capacity to be still even in this modern day. Even if, in the midst of prayer, we are assaulted with questions and demands. We can quietly answer and then go to that place within us where we can be still in God and in prayer to Him. And know that He is God, our father and our creator. The One who loves us best and desires that we love Him best, as well.

Be still...we quieten our souls and hear that still, small voice that tells us He is with us and will continue to be with us as long as we are faithful and even after, when our faithfulness lapses, He will be there.

Thus in this time of Lenten meditation, prayer, and fasting, we silently worship and praise God in all that we are and do. We quietly acknowledge our sins and put our hearts right. We move slowly and quietly in our expectation that God loves us, forgives us, and desires that we be with Him now and in Paradise.


Deb said…
My best time for me to spend with the Lord is after midnight --everyone else is asleep --the house is quiet --it's my best time to pray. In fact, last night, I went to bed and couldn't sleep --had to get up to pray for a friend who was on my heart.

Thanks for your comments on my blog! :)
Bearuh said…
I am glad I read that one!! It gives me faith :)

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