Hat for EDM

This is a hat I had to buy in Midland, Texas, in December. We were visiting my cousins when there was a cold snap...blue norther...with wind and ice and rain. I had taken a light coat, so we went to the ever present WalMart and purchased a white coat, blue gloves, and blue hat. This one is fuzzy, and I don't know how to texture yet (Hey, Kate, this is something I want to learn!!). I don't actually wear this, or any, hat much as here in Texas it mostly in the 80's, even in the winter. The hat in this picture is hanging on a walking stick by the door. We have an old ice cream can loaded with walking sticks and canes.


mahlu002 said…
I can see some texture in there, whether intentional or not. I'd be painting until the end of time if I painted every hat I've had to get because of some reason or another while travelling. :-) I love the color of this one, as well as the detail you have on the walking stick.


(I only have a blogger account for comments; I never actually use it)
Teri C said…
Great hat Sioux! Love the color and there is lots of texture. The stick makes it perfect!
Linda said…
I can see the texture fine! Great drawing of the hat.
Desiree said…
Great hat! I love the color too. I seem to love hats on other people and wished I looked better in them. I liked this challenge.

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