Bethy - Grade 4

Our Beth is in the 4th grade at Travis Elementary School in Mineral Wells. She is 10 1/2 and is a real beauty!


Anonymous said…
This is a nice photo of a charming young girl...but I don't know why it got linked to Illustration Friday, a site where artists submit their own original artwork based on a weekly theme.

With all due respect, as lovely as Beth is, her school picture is not original artwork and should not be an Illustration Friday entry
Sioux said…
You are right, but for Illustration Friday this is the url:

It is theme Spring.
Anonymous said…
Um, OK. That one is springy. (even if you you posted it a day before we got the spring topic...hmmm...) And nice delicate branches. I like the ink outlines. I used to do it like that all the time... but go back to the IF page and click on your entry, number 61: there's your girl!

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