Friday, March 24, 2006

Monster - Illustration Friday Challenge

I guess I am not very imaginative. I couldn't think of a monster. I finally centered on one from teenagehood: The one eyed variety. But as I was watching figure skating tonight, and Sasha Cohen was on and fell, the announced said, "The jump is her monster."

Then I had this is Sasha's monster :-)


mw said...

don't you love coincidence?

artfan said...

Monsters are hard because we spend so much time trying to ignore them. Good job. Jean

Teri C said...

Great interpretation Sioux! Isn't IF fun!

KaRLa said...

great monster!!

marc said...

Hello Sioux!
Beautiful monster!Great illo!So cute!
Très beau, j'aime beaucoup!
Good day

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Love your honesty Sioux!

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog.


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