Tree for OnlineArt

This tree is for OnlineArt and for the last part of Cathy Johnson's Watercolor Class. The class is fantastic, and I advise anyone interested to take this online course the next time it is offered. I also recommend her book First Steps in Painting Watercolors. And for anyone who is interested, this can be a spring theme for Illustration Friday, if they don't like my link to the redbuds!


Lin said…
Sioux!! IT seems you and I had the same idea!! I did the 'tree' too! LOVE THIS -- what great color and shading!!
Kate said…
Wow Sioux you did a great job. I finally got around to doing the exercises today. I still have the final one to do though. You give me lots of encouragement. I agree the class is great.
georg said…
Beautiful, lightening colors! You're right - that's spring!

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