Primary Election Day in Texas

Journaling During a Slow Election Day

One of the Election Clerks

Yesterday was the primary election for the state of Texas. Raf and I were election clerks. There was a very low turn out...Republicans 62 and Democrats 58...and this was for 4 precincts. I believe this was the same all over the county (Palo Pinto).

There were only two contested races in the county, both Republican, and several folks signed in, went to the NEW voting machines, and decided they had signed in at the wrong party table! Some people refuse to read even when it's right there before them! It was a mess...that and the fact that the machines didn't work right, but we got the election done, and it was really not a bad day. Can't wait to hear the results.

In Texas you are not registered with a party; therefore you can vote in either party's election...but not both, of course. However, if there is a runoff, you must vote in the same party that you voted the first time AND you may not vote in a runoff if you do not vote in the primary.

Hope everyone out there voted!!


Thorn said…
Sioux, I see you are working on your Visual Journal! Great work!...carrie

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