Cactus Monday with Teri

As today is Cactus Monday, I wanted to hurry and get this in before it was actually Tuesday! I "think" it may be a Denmoza, but I'm not sure. Bonnie and I took photos of lots of plants at Granville Island, and this cactus did not have a name. Sorry it's no better than it is...oh, well. At least it's still Monday.
I also finished a project for a gift for John's girlfriend...can't tell about it until I give it to her, and Raf is now working on his part of the project. Tomorrow I will post a reunion photo from my Mineral Wells High School Class of 1961. Then I'll go back to the trip!


Teri C said…
Hey Sioux, good job on both counts! A pretty cactus and it's Monday. I don't realyy know what it is either but how fun that you found it with Bonny!
Kelli said…
Wonderful job...I love the blue.
tinker said…
It looks great, whatever kind it is!
soulbrush said…
what a good illo, like it a lot. happy cactus monday.

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