Wordless Wednesday and Alaska Contest Winners and Larry Pattis

If you are a Glitter Sister, no words are needed to understand this first photo I took in Canada for Wordless Wednesday.
The North to Alaska Contest has reaped three winners: Dawn, Barbara, and Gemma! I will be emailing you for your postal addresses.
Here is a new recording from one of our favorite guitarists, Larry Pattis...you can purchase his CD, What Tomorrow Brings here.


Barbara said…
Wow Sioux I am amazed but thank you very much. I will be looking forward to your Alaska photos etc.
Lovely quilt.
Congrats to the three winners. The quilt is lovely.
Gemma said…
Glad you got to see your handiwork on the quilt!!! Isn't Violette's cottage a happy place?!!! Yay I am happy I won!
Jim said…
Hi Sue, welcome back! I know, we say 'it is nice to be home' but really we'd rather still be at where we went.
Aren't you glad the weather turned cool, just when you got here!

The quilt is very nice, it reminds me of a lot of antique quilts Mom had that got stolen from the farm house.

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