47th Year from my Graduation from High School

I grew up in Stephenville, Texas, but I actually graduated from Mineral Wells, Texas, High School. My Mineral Wells class held it's reunion this past weekend. Raf took the photo for the class. We will meet again in 2011 when we will celebrate 50 years. In Mineral Wells we will join the 50-Year-Club. We will also have a 50th reunion in Stephenville. They include me in their activities. Just hope the reunions are not the same weekend in 2011!


Cookie Sunshine said…
This is a large group. How many of your class made it to the reunion? Nice photo!
Giggles said…
Wow what a large group...that's so cool you could all meet up!

Hugs Giggles
That is just wonderful!!! Congratulations on this celebration. Hope you are having a happy Autumn. connie
Dawn said…
That's a good sized group for 47 years later! I'll have my 40th college reunion next year and hope to make it.

I got my gift from you - it's so cute. Thanks so much!!
PEA said…
Oh Sue, how wonderful it must have been to see so many familiar faces from your school years! What a great shot of all the participants. xoxo

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