Boycott Obama Supporters

My classmate and friend, Carroll, a retired Marine, sent me this. Please take time to view this 10-minute video. Everyone in America needs to hear this. This is the Reverend Dr. David James Manning. He doesn't pull any punches, and he tells it like it really, really is! Also check out Cloak and Swagger by Rich Carroll.

Is there any situation or condition that could come about by election day that would cause an individual pre-determined voter for Obama to not vote for Obama? Any possible, real or imagined fact, scenario or circumstance? Only that individual can say.

And, if there is no circumstance, then, is there any basis for that person to henceforth profess objectivity or to give any thought to reason, fact or rationale?

If loyality to the nation is of no concern, then disregard this blog entry.


PEA said…
I really don't envy you people in the USA with this election! I don't trust ANY politician, never have, never will.

I bet it's good to be home again after your trip to Alaska. So glad that you had such a good time and saw such lovely scenery:-) xoxo
Thanks Sioux for posting this!!!!! I am passing your link on to a couple of friends who do not blog to read.

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