Vol 5, Vancouver BC

Vancouver is a most cosmopolitan city...with every ethnic group and every sort of food. As I looked at the skyline, it reminded me very much of photographs of Asian cities I have seen in books and on television. And there is certainly an Asian element to the city of Vancouver...but it is well mixed with all other groups. The city is absolutely beautiful. Many of these photos show a bright blue sky, but I understand that it is cloudy and rains a great deal. However, for our trip you could not beat the weather. The 80'sF in the day time and the 50'sF at night. Lovely!!

Here I am just showing different views of Vancouver and West Vancouver.

The is looking out at False Creek.

This is a pub is West Vancouver...as are the next several photos.

Great pub food!!!
This is looking toward Mount Adams...which was covered with snow.

These are city scapes.

These were taken at a lovely garden above Vancouver to the south and east.

The above is an art show Raf did of the fountain. Children were playing in the water even though it was about 75˚F!
If you get the change to visit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you should. It is a lovely city!


Grandma Faith said…
Vancover looks like a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing your photos. I sure wish I had some fish and chips right now. Take care.
Jim said…
Hi Sue, thank you again for the pictorials! You have some very nice memories here.
Yes, I have been to Vancouver but spent most of the time at Vicoria Island.
I am hungry right now for your fish 'n chips and the shrimp. All our food we had throw away and start over because of Ike. No more shrimp yet, but we ate shrimp for two days till it was gone.
I hope my 'romance' poem didn't offend you, I really enjoyed writing it.
Our prompt was 'fleeting' so it had to be a fast moving poem. That is hard for a romantic poem.
Dawn said…
It looks absolutely wonderful - we must go there someday!
Bimbimbie said…
I love being an armchair traveler so many places can be visited on the back of a mouse *!*
PEA said…
Beautiful pictures and all so familiar to me:-) As I've mentioned before, I have one brother living in Vancouver and the other living in White Rock. The last time I was there was in 1989 so it's been a while but I still remember it all so well:-) Did you get a chance to go up Grouse Mountain or Whistler? Fabulous scenery from up there!! If I'm not mistaken, that's Queen Elizabeth Park where they have those fountains...I recognize the dome building! lol I agree with you, Vancouver is a beautiful city!! xoxo
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
Stunning pictures from Canada.
I thought it would have looked more like fall, but this is sheer high summer.
I can see you had a lovely time.
I don't envy, but i would have liked to be there, that's for sure.
From Felisol

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