Our Trip North, Vol. 1, The Magic Cottage

On Thursday, September 7, we left D/FW International Airport and landed at Vancouver International Airport. We rented a car and headed south to White Rock BC. The drive was beautiful, much agriculture and very green.

We arrived at Violette's Magic Cottage about 4:30 pm, and we visited with Violette and looked around the Magic Cottage until the others arrived.
Violette upstairs at the Magic Cottage
Violette in the kitchen of the Magic Cottage.
What yummy food...Nicci and Marco made chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes for desert. We had salads and hamburgers, too! It was all delicious!!! Hey, I want all the recipes, Girls!
Violette listens as Raf plays Brian's guitar and sings. WE MISSED BRIAN SO MUCH!!
Raf sings as Mr. G listens.
Here are Marco and Nicci.
Raf and Marco.
Our guys in the swing. Raf and Mr. G on the swing with Malcolm in the middle and Marco standing behind.
Sherrie (Giggles), Violette, and Pepper.
Sherrie, Violette, Pepper, Marco.
Glitter Sisters: in front, Violette, Pepper, Sioux; behind Nicci and Sherrie
Glitter Sisters again.
And again.
The Magic Cottage...
The Northwest celebrates their warm weather with the most beautiful flowers...huge hydrangeas. They were my daddy's favorite flower, and they were all over BC!
Violette and Raf.
Marco, Raf, and Nicci.
Raf and Nicci.
More Magic Cottage...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
And more...
Ending at the Casbah!

This was truly a huge highlight of our trip. We love these people. They are so loving and giving and wonderful. I met the ladies on the internet, and it is tremendous to get to know them and their families.

Thanks, my Sisters, for a wonderful visit!!


Magic Cottage!!! What a fun, whimsical place. I love people who can do things like that. Tell
us more!
Giggles said…
Very Fun photos Sioux, glad you made it home safe. Thank you very much for the lovely bracelets and artwork. It was a very enjoyable gathering, glad you could visit!

Hugs Giggles
Gemma said…
Souix...The pictures are great!!!
So glad you had fun! I love these people too!
Dawn said…
What fun it is to meet blog friends in real life! Looks wonderful!
PEA said…
Omigosh, the Magic Cottage is just FABULOUS! How I wish I could have been there with all of you...I just love, love, love all the bright colours and decor. How wonderful that you were able to meet in person with some blogging buddies:-)

I couldn't believe it when I read that you were in White Rock...that's where my brother Claude lives!!!! I was there a couple of times and loved walking down to the ocean when the tide was out:-) xoxo
violette said…
Oh what fun pictures Sioux! I love them........you did a great job of capturing everything. Thanks so much for coming for a visit. We loved every minute of it.

Love, Violette
Jim said…
Hi Sue, this is a wonderful picture tale of your visit at BC.
Until the end, I was wondering if you five were sisters with your maiden being Glitter. :-)
Did it take a long time to put all those pictures on? Your time was worth it for me.
Thorn said…
OMG! You went to see VIOLETTE! how kewl! I've been away for awhile..comp wasn't working and I work too MUCH!! lol! Glad to be back and catching up! Stop in!
Fabulous photos Sioux....you were so lucky to visit the MC a second time! I want so much to go up there as I haven't met Sherrie yet and of course to see the Magic Cottage...but ESPECIALLY to see my dear BC glitter sis again!
Barbara said…
That magic cottage was different. Was it in the grounds of their home?
marianne said…
Hi Sue so your back again!
What a cool cottage!! I love color!
Great pictures, sure you had a wonderful time.
tinker said…
What fun you guys must have had!
Thanks for sharing all the photos of everyone and the Magic Cottage - I can almost imagine being there with all of you!

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