North To Alaska Contest

Wednesday we will be off to Vancouver and Alaska. We will drive to D/FW airport and spend the night. Thursday morning we will be off on our adventure. Thursday evening we will be eating at the Magic Cottage with Violette, Sherrie, and Nicci, and their families! Can't wait!!

In addition, we are going to meet Bonny and her husband, Rob. It is such a treat to get to see so many online friends!

As you can see, Turtle is thinking about making the trip with us!

As to the contest/drawing, everyone who signs up on this blog entry comment section will be included in a drawing when we return. We will bring back a souvenir from Alaska and one from Vancouver. The drawing will take place the 23rd of September. So sign up now, and be watching this blog as I endeavor to AirMe with my iphone and post to my blog when we are in ports. Then on the 23rd, I will announce the drawing winners...but remember...sign up at this post only!!

See ya!


Dawn said…
I am so very far behind - thanks for the wonderful story about your ring! It is very lovely, and I love the love story!

So is this the right post to sign up for the souvenir? Have a wonderful trip - I am envious!
Giggles said…
Awe what a cute puddie cat!! Could you please teach Pepper to pack that far ahead...she does it last minute... It stresses me out!! Can't wait to see you !

Hugs Sherrie
Oh I wish I could go, too!! We loved Alaska. Please sign me up for your goodies :o)
marianne said…
Ahhh so cute this Turtle!
Jim said…
Hi Sue, yes I will sign up to see your travels. Or to get a prize!
I really believe you guys travel more than we do, you are always on the road or in the air.
When we meet we can compare notes. :-)
Best wishes! Thanks for taking time for my injured red car. :-)
Jim said…
Oops! You peeked in on my WW and saw Adi and the green Mustang II car. Red is on the other blog.
Again, please have a safe trip, I will help monitor your journey! Thank you.
Susie said…
Have a fabulous time in AK! The month of Sept can be just gorgeous and I love how you've rented a car to explore a bit more! (We did love the whale watching trip out of Juneau though, and would do it again in a heartbeat!
See you when you return!
tinker said…
Oh what a fun trip - no wonder Turtle wants to stow-away! Give Violette, Sherrie and Nicci a hug from me too :)
Have a fun and safe trip - Bon Voyage!
Gemma said…
Hi Souix I stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog. I didn't realize you were having a contest.
Have fun in BC with the girls. I got to meet them last year. Should be FUN! Have fun in Alaska too.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
The ring; it was a sweet tear mover.
I wondered why you had changed your logo.
Have a safe trip up to Alaska. Oh, that is a long way to go.
You'll be nearer Norway up there than down in Texas.
I actually hope I do not win. The freight would double the cost of your souvenir.
I do enjoy reading your blog for free.
That's your gift to me.
From Felisol
Toni said…
Have a safe trip and enjoy! Tell Bonny I said hi
Pam Aries said…
hi Sioux! have fun visiting all the Canada girls1
Barbara said…
Well Sue here I am reading through all your trip posts and end up choosing this one to comment on before I even knew you were doing a giveaway.
Looks like you have been having a wonderful trip.
I had been wondering if you had been affected b y Ike at all back home - I hope not.
Hope you have/had a good trip home.

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