Float Plane in the Bay by Juneau

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I really don't see how all the folks who live in these little Alaskan sea towns can stand the steady stream of tourists from June until October. We block the streets causing terrible traffic jams. Don't believe I'd come downtown at all during that time. I realize this is where many make their winter money, but so many people are rude and when one ship goes to a town, there are usually 5 more. Today the cruise ships deposited 10,000 people in Juneau!

We bought some books, looked around, and came back to the ship. We are sitting on the Lido deck, having eaten, watching float planes and the Coast Guard go to and fro. Tomorrow Ketchican, the a day at sea, then Vancouver and home, and we are ready!


Julie said…
Sounds just devinely wonderful! Wish I was aboard!!!!
I hear you. Even in Santa Fe, NM where I grew up the town's people, especially my parents as they grew older, hated it when Fiesta time and all the tourists came and they could barely get to and from the grocery store.
Dawn said…
When we were in Hawaii last winter, we stayed away from town when we saw all the ships out in the bay - we could see them from our place up in the hills. We realized then how it felt to be on the other end of the cruise ship thing -

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