Skagway AK

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Was supposed to be pouring but it's only windy. Temp is about 50F. We walked around the town and took photos. We are back on board watching the trains loading and unloading and reading. Pleasant and relaxing. Hot tub for me this afternoon. Oh, I got some nice fabric and yarn.


Dawn said…
The picture looks like our moutains today - covered with clouds. We're getting rain, so much more than normal - good for us. Are you missing the storms down in TX by being gone?

I have had to go private with my blog and would love it if you want to be a part - if so, please e-mail me your e-address to

We MUST do the Alaskan cruise one of these days - preferably when it's warm!
Gail said…
Just thinking about you and wondering if all is well with you ?I'll check back another day to see what you have posted.
much prayers, BE BLESSED :-)
Barbara said…
I wanted to check that you had not been affected by Ike. I do hope not.

Routh, I do not know where it is and will have to look at the map.
We loved Skagway and I found the story of those who first arrived and climbed those steep mountains carrying everything on their backs so moving.

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