Haines, Alaska

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It's colder than a crock in a kraut house, and the wind is whipping. We are 14 miles by boat and 350 miles by land from Skagway. It is beautiful! When we were in hot old Texas I couldn't wait to be in cold Alaska. Now I'm ready for the heat! We humans are never satisfied!

To my prayer partners, please pray for Bill and Betty Moss. Bill is in critical shape. Please, God, your will be done.


Annie said…
You sound like you are having a wonderful time, Sue. Can't wait to see more pictures when you return.
PEA said…
Now that IS cold! lol I'm so envious of you being in Alaska, that's a place I would just love to visit one day. I can well imagine the gorgeous scenery you're seeing. xoxo
Susie said…
I remember it being very windy in Skagway too. It's so cold coming off the water that it feels like it's going right through you.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery!

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