Show and Tell Friday, Vol 3 of Our Trip

For Kelli's Show and Tell Friday, I am showing keepsakes I got from our trip. Top left is a creation by Violette. She also gave us a beautiful meal with Nicci and Sherrie's help. Top right is a DVD from Bonny and Rob about Vancouver Island and Victoria...they also gave us a beautiful day in Vancouver, and next time we will visit Victoria! Middle left is a necklace given to me by Pepper...and we were so exhausted we were not able to do our tour the next day and see Brian...NEXT TIME! In the middle of the necklace are earrings I found in Skagway, Alaska, made by Agnes Walsky. I have ordered some more of her jewelry. These are forget-me-nots, Alaska's state flower. And at the bottom is the necklace made by Nicci that she gave me with one of her Girlz. Can't show what Sherrie made...we ate it! Yummmmmmmmmm!

As you have already seen, we had a smashing time in Canada and Alaska, and we were able to meet up with several online friends...what a wonderful treat. As Violette said in her blog, we are meeting people whom we would not have know except for the internet. To find kindred spirits all over the world is amazing. Can't wait to meet more!!


Cookie Sunshine said…
I really love your show and tell today, and I especially like the way that you put everything together in one picture. It's very pleasing and fun to look at. I enjoyed reading about your adventure. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for adding me to your list! I have you on mine.
Lovely keepsakes and memories.
Grandma Faith said…
Thanks for sharing the memories of your trip with us. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Take care.
Kelli said…
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and what special keepsakes you brought back with you!
Anonymous said…
Forget-me-not is my favourite flowers, I had some (artifical) in my wedding bouquet 34 years ago.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment, I would be interested to know if they know their roots and if they are Scottish or Irish. I live in Scotland.

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