Cactus Monday with Teri

This is a prickly pear cactus. These are in fruit right now here in North Central Texas. This was done on moleskine with graphite, colored pencils, and white ink.

Go check out Teri's at Teri's Painted Daisies. And, Teri, thanks for the encouragement.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Be safe!


Teri C said…
Sioux, it turned out wonderful!! It seems so odd to me to think you have cacti in Texas--of course I have never been to TX and maybe that would help :)

Love your multi-media and so good to see you sketching again!
Debra Kay said…
Sioux, that is glorious. Prickly pear are one of my favorites, although I've learned to leave the fruit picking to others.
Your prickly pear turned out great Sioux. Happy Cactus Monday. I posted prickly pear too.

I can't wait to hear about your AK trip. One of my favorite places to visit. You will love it.
Bea said…
Love the cacti! Love your blog too!
Kelli said…
You did a beautiful job, Sioux! I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend with your family!
Jim said…
Hi Sue, Happy Labor Day to you guys.

Thank you for checking on me. I have been having pretty hectic times lately, things have been piling up. A lot of the Wordless Wednesday comments I have not acknowledged, I think I will sign up late this week to cut back on the comments.

How did I handle things? Well, I answered my 'friends' and the new ones are unanswered at this time.

We just came back from Baton Rouge, before Lake Charles we got off I-10 and went up through the country. We used U.S. 190 quite a bit. The GPS helped a lot.
I mentioned some of this for my Sunday post on Jim's Little Blog.
I like your contrail picture, do we call that 'Man's Beauty' or 'Sky Pollution?'

Have a good trip to Canada and Alaska. Our next should be Guatemala again at the end of October.
Bimbimbie said…
I've noticed the odd prickly pear growing around here too, mostly on the fringes of land which was used by cattle. It's classed as a noxious weed here, the first fleet brought it with them from Brazil and it became one of the most invasive weeds ever imported into Australia. Special legislation was introduced for it's destruction. By 1925 some 25 million hectares in New South Wales and Queensland were infected. Chemical and mechanical means of controlling failed to stop its spread and then in 1926 biological control in the form of cactoblastis caterpillars were put to work and within six years properties previously abandoned were reclaimed.

Your lovely drawing led me to find out something new via google Sioux*!*
marianne said…
Oh I love prickly pear! Beautiful drawing
tinker said…
Great drawing, Sioux!

(Though I wouldn't want to run into that guy in the dark :)
Julie said…
Hi Sue! I love this cactus! I was wondering how to add white on the top of colored pencil...I will try white ink! Thanks. Love your detail here...

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