Pear - compare

I would like your honest comments about which medium you think I should concentrate on, pen and ink with watercolor or colored pencil.

This was done with Prismacolor colored pencils on regular moleskine.

This one was done with pen and ink and colored with watercolor (which I don't really like as well as regular moleskine for this application).

Any suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Carmen Sidlaruk said…
I love the loose, relaxed style of the pen and ink with water color. Sometimes working with the medium you are not comfortable with can really stretch you out of your comfort zone to do amazint things.
Karen said…
They're both good media to pursue. Choose the one that gives you the most pleasure, because you'll be likely to stay with it longer and enjoy the practicing more.
Bonny said…
Sioux, I really like both of these paintings because they each convey different degrees of colour and attitude.
The pen and watercolour seems to be fresher and more spontaneous. I get the feeling it was more fun to do.
The coloured pencil is rich and vibrant if also more heavy. It surely took longer to complete.
I think it comes down to what Karen said; which medium gives you more pleasure to use and which results do you like looking at. It could also depend on the subject you choose to draw and your decision how best to render the subject and what you want to say about it.
For example; with your pear as subject: did you want to convey a light summer fruit you enjoyed on the spur of the moment? OR did you want to convey a more serious study of it? It comes down to what you see and what you want to say.
artfan said…
My passion is watercolor. I appreciate looking at work other people have done in colored pencil, but I really like watercolor. You need to deceide which medium you most enjoy working with. That said, I think that which ever medium you choose, you use artist grade materals. Moleskins are for sketching, if you seriously to pursue watercolor you need to buy some good paper ( my favorite is Fabriano artistico ), a good brush and at least 3 tubes of artist grade paint ( red, yellow, blue). The same goes for colored pencil. If you try to work using cheap materials because you are learning you will just get discouraged. Jean
Penny said…
I really like the pen and ink and watercolour, I think perhaps you reworked the pencil a bit much? Doesnt look as much like a pear as the other Penny in South Australia
SCquiltaddict said…
You did a nice job on them both but I especially like the second one because it shows the highlight which makes it round as opposed to the first one that does not have a highlight
Alison said…
I think the pen and watercolour one shows more interesting mark-making - though I would like it better if the outline was broken - to be slightly more suggestive. The pencil one is much flatter but has a lovely richness. It partly depaends what effect you want - also I find it helps to switch between several approaches or media - when I get stuck, leave it for a while and return to it later with new understandings gathered elsewhere. Have fun :)
AnastasiaC said…
i like the pen & watercolour one - its more stark and interesting
fun to experiment!!
Will u be posting your mailart entry to the swap - would love to see
Gise said…
I love both medium! I think the watercolour is more relaxing.I like your watercolour illo. I would choose my technique depending of my mood at that moment.

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