another Moggie/Moggy

Raf was in bed, so I decided to try and draw another cat in particular, just a tabby moggy. This was pen and ink with prismacolor pencils on watercolor cold press 140 lb.


Lin said…
WONDERFUL, Sioux!!! You've really captured that elusive 'catness' that we cat lovers LOVE!!! SUPER JOB!
KCQuilter said…
Tabby Moggy (?don't know what moggy means??) is beautiful. Love your art.
Teri C said…
Wonderful little cat sketch Sioux!
witness said…
Thank's for the comment on my blog. It is always appreciated when somebody stops by and takes time to write a little something. I see you are a cat lover. I like your sketches. I'll be checking by to see your updates!
Alison said…
the small amount of colour is very effective - you've really caught the catty 'so what are you looking at?'
remoggy said…
sorry, to interject.
But, Moggy is also a family name.
Mostly, residing in N. Ontario, Canada.
It is also spelled Moggie, in a few places in the N. United States;
And N. Ireland.

It is a slang in the greater UK;
obviously from some mis-conception;
Irish and English; still have a few cobwebs to clean.....

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