Elephant Ear - plein air

Elephant Ear - plein air
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I am lucky enough to have found a small garden at the Famous Water Company here in Mineral Wells. Carol, the owner, is allowing me to come any time to drawn and paint. Today was the first day. I am not particularly pleased with the drawing, but I did enjoy doing it. It was done with mircon pen and Derwent Watercolor and graphitint pencils and niji brushes on moleskine.


Teri C said…
It's lovely Sioux! What a stroke of luck to go there and paint. I look forward to many more.
melissa w said…
Fantastic. I love the spidery veins.
Jennifer said…
Beautiful! Look forward to seeing more of your drawings from the garden ... what a great gift the owner has given you.
Bonny said…
Sioux; isn't it funny how we all tend to be our own worst critics? We're always so much harder on ourselves and our own work, than we are towards that of other people.
Your drawing of the Elephant Ear plant is lovely. I wish I could do as well. You captured the colours and the leaf veins wonderfully well without overworking or being too heavy handed in the colour application.
Personally, I think this drawing has everything going for it. Nicely done.
Laura said…
Well, I think this is wonderful. It is done in such a distinctive, lively style---it is completely YOUR drawing! I would be very proud of it if it were mine.
Tami said…
YOu did a BEAUTIFUL job on this!!!! I love the dark red veins in the leaves! You are being WAY too hard on yourself.

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