List Friday -- The Muses

New art supplies -- just received some new Prismacolor colored pencils and the colors and texture of the color makes me yearn to use them...tomorrow I will
Music -- particularly Celtic, as in Cherish the Ladies, or Latin, as in Del Castillo.
Bird Watching -- Seeing the birds at my feeders, and seeing the black-bellied whistling ducks with the red feet and pink bills
Other's Art -- I am constantly inspired by all the people on my yahoo art groups who do such amazing work
Turning off the TV, the books, the computer, the Noise -- getting away from the excuses NOT to paint or write


KCQuilter said…
The Faerie ATCs are wonderful. Love your work. there anything more fun than a whole mess of Berol Prismacolor pencils??? I have a drawerful myself.
SpookyRach said…
Hey Sioux! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I checked out the site for the Sisters of Poverty. Impressive! I'd love to go to one of their silent retreats. It would be a new experience!

I'm lusting after your prismacolors. If you have those and a couple of Berol Black Warrior pencils for drawing, your art supplies are complete!
Sioux said…
All Saints Sisters of the Poor, , is a wonderful, spiritual place. Their silent retreats are so peaceful.

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