Going to the cats and dog

Tennessee Jake Brake, age 2 1/2
Gus our best cat, age 13
Sadie, age 12
Poke, the "Cat from Hell" or Hell Cat as Jennifer calls him, age 14

Well, everyone was relaxing yesterday. Our kitties and our puppy are great to have around. Most are old, though one is young. We enjoy them immensley. Hope you'll enjoy their photos.


Lin said…
Aren't they just precious!!!!!! Hold them tight for me, Sioux!
Matthew said…
Isn't it fun to have animal companions around the house?
madretz said…
What a beautiful furry family you have! We currently have just 1 kitty who is 15 years old. We lost her partner in crime last year and she's become the queen of the household and don't think, at her old age, she'd want another furry creature invading her domain. She's pretty set in her way. ;)

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