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Fixin' To

I'm fixin' to do that
As soon as I kin
I'm fixin' to do it
I jest don't know when.

I'm fixin' to fix
That ole washin' machine
I'm fixin' to do it
You know what I mean.

I'm fixin' to cut
Down those little ole trees
I'm fixin' to do it...
As soon as I please.

I'm fixin', I'm fixin'
Don't 'xactly know when
But I really will do it
As soon as I can.


Deb R said…
Oh gosh, how many times have I heard someone around here talk about "fixin' to" do something! Cool hook for a poem.
jenclair said…
I never even notice how many things I'm "fixin'" to do.

Fun poem!
jzr said…
What fun! If that isn't everyday in this house, I don't know what is!!
liz elayne said…
this is a phrase i know as well...
such fun!
Dani said…
An oft-heard phrase for many of us in southern states. Good job incorporating it into a poem.

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