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Raf took this on June 2, 2006, in Stephenville TX. Visit Raf's Rincon.

Where I have been on the 4th of July:

1. As a child in Texas in the '40's and '50's, we usually stayed home, had a picnic with friends and my granny who lived next door. I do remember Daddy getting various small fireworks. One was a firework that you placed on the ground, lit it, and it travelled all over the ground sparkling. Daddy always called them "Mother-in-law Chasers", because the thing seemed to follow Granny wherever she went. So she usually sat up on her porch, out of the way.
2. For several years Raf and I went to Maine over the summer and thoroughly enjoyed the Independence Day celebrations there. They seemed more meaningful, probably because Maine was involved in Independence...Texas was not. They always had spectacular parades and wonderful fireworks displays.
3. A few times we have driven out to our local country club where folks are allowed to shoot off their own fireworks. We never shot, just watched.
4. Once we went to Possum Kingdom Lake to watch the fireworks display, only to discover we were there the wrong day...they never hold them on the 4th. Who knows??
5. Most recently we drive the 42 miles south to my hometown, Stephenville, Texas, where at their park (which used to be my friend, Helen's, father's pasture) we have a grand time. There they have built a wonderful amphitheatre. On the 4th they have a musical show and a huge fireworks display. Many of our family and friends join us for a picnic on the grounds. This year Gary P. Nunn will be performing, and, since we are in a state-wide burn ban, who knows if we will have those long awaited fireworks?


Lin said…
HOW NEAT, Sioux!! I think we'll just sit on the porch!! LOL
Loretta said…
Possum Kingdom Lake??

There's a whole Kingsolver novel in that title!!

Great list!

Mrs. Pom
Lazy cow said…
Beautiful fireworks photo. I haven't seen any 'live' fireworks action for years.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
jenclair said…
Gorgeous photo! Enjoyed visiting!

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