Don't Judge us Just Because we are Called Episcopal - We are Anglican!!

This has been a hard week for those of us you are conservative Angelo Catholics, as the Episcopal Church in the United States as decided to throw out Christian and Biblical teachings and strike in a totally non-Christian direction.

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Fort Worth has issued this statement:

"The Bishop and the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth appeal in good faith to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Panel of Reference for immediate alternative Primatial oversight and Pastoral Care following the election of Katharine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. This action is taken as a cooperative member of the Anglican Communion Network in light of the Windsor Report and its recommendations."

We are in the Diocese of Fort Worth and applaude our bishop and this committee for making our stand known to the whole of the Anglican Communion.

I believe that the only thing we can do right now is to behave the way we believe Christ would wish and to pray, attend Mass, and work together.

God bless the Anglican Communion Network, and particularly the bishops of the dioceses of Fort Worth, Bishop Jack Iker, Quincy, Bishop Keith Ackerman, and San Joaquin, Bishop John David Schofield. They are the leaders as we fight for our Church.


Pam Aries said…
Wow,,that's crazy! how can they just change like that! This is only one of the reasons that I, personally am not into organized religion! Believe me..I grew up in a Southern baptist environment! there was always some kind of riff going on! nyways...Thanks for stoppin by my blog. I was thinking about you and wondering how you are?? Feeling OK? I absolutely love your pins!!!!! Pam Aries
Sioux said…
I am feeling much better...have given up on the pt...will just go on the best I can and deal with the pain as it occurs. Thanks for asking...I am seeing Violette is still pretty bumed out...hope the rest helps her.
Deborah said…
Hi Sioux... maybe I shouldn't make waves...

but can you tell me how asking for alternate oversight is "working together"?

I'm a cradle Episcopalian. I am thrilled to see a woman elected PB. I'm also proud of the thoughtful, prayerful, slow direction in which our church is moving.

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