Haiku - FIBS

Well, here is my first attempt:


not a cloud
breezes will not blow
time to stop and listen softly


Lin said…
Nicely done, Sioux! Will you be illustrating?
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! love the poem! Hey here's a link to the Circular church! It is really interesting! www.circularchurch.org See if this link works. if not I put it on my blog. I cannot figure out how to add linksto my blog... I tried to follow directions..to no avail!!!
Pam Aries said…
hey Sioux! I still cannot figure out how to get links in the sidebar.. where it says* edit me....Their instructions ARE NOT CLEAR. I WENT TO THE TEMPLATE..ETC. pam Aries
judie said…
wow Sioux. I've been checking out your pins. Way kewl! I make some now and then. It's fun, huh? You can also use those little "eyeballs" that wiggle. Hope you are feeling better.
paris parfait said…
Great evocative poem. Lovely!
Tammy said…
A lovely reminder to slow down and listen to nature :)

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