Skywatch Friday - The Base

This was taken on Pershing Road in our old Army Base, Fort Wolters.  We have friends who bird out here all the time and see many lovely birds, from painted buntings to yellow billed cockoos.  However, we have driven out there at several times during the day, and, although we have heard many birds, we never see any.  But we did see the beauty of the sky, and we are thankful!

Our base, Fort Wolters, was the primary helicopter center in Vietnam and the primary induction center in World War II.  It is now a skeleton of its former glory.  It is called an "industrial park" now, but it is really just a shell.

One thing it has not lost, however, it some of the beauty of nature.  So, if you are out birding, or just poking around or Geocaching, find the Cross Base Road, and go on it until you cross a small bridge and come upon Pershing Road. Take Pershing Road, and as you travel by ponds and streams you might see some beautiful fauna and flora.

Yellow billed cockoo

Painted bunting

In His glory, God created all things, large and small, bright and dull.  Let us rejoice in God's creation and endeavor to keep His commandments.  Amen.


Anne Jeffries said…
Another corner of Texas to visit. Don would like the history. AND, guess what, it's RAINING in my little patch of California. There won't be any drought fixing, but it is blessedly raining.
fredamans said…
What beautiful birds! The color on the last one blew me away!
bettyl-NZ said…
God does give us many wonderful things to see, even if it's not what we set out looking for! These birds are so cool.
carolann said…
Very lovely all. I too loved the color of the last bird.

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