Back on Mother's Day, all three of the girls were here, and Raf took this photo.  We had a lovely day.

Kathi (who goes by Katy), Sue, Christi (who used to be Nina), and Carolyn

It's amazing to think that our oldest child will be 50 this year.  It seems like it hasn't been that long since we were 50!  It's amazing to think that our youngest child has been married for 25 years this year!  Why we've only been married 38 years, ourselves!

Time just seems to fly by, especially as we get older.  Mother always said that, but I don't guess I believed her.  It is true, however.

I remember when we were told that we would be busier after we retired than before, and I thought that was ridiculous.  Well, it's was true at first.  The first seven or so years of retirement we worked harder and went more than ever.

But now, retirement has finally set in, and I am extremely thankful.  I've always been able to say no when I needed to, and now I am saying it even louder.  I am enjoying my life, and I simply don't want to do those things I don't want to do!

We are enjoying each other, our family, our new great-grandchild, and those activities that are fun and don't take the wind our of our sails too quickly.  We don't enjoy doctors, but, of course, there's no saying no to them!

We are thankful that we have so much - our God who watches over us, our family, and our friends - our small country town in North Center Texas.  We have food, shelter, and water - thank you, God, for the water!

And we have these three daughters.  They are a blessing!


Jim said…
You have three really nice blessings here, Sue, I can tell. And yes, since we are busier after we retired than before it makes one wonder how in the world we got all the necessary stuff done.

One of our oldest (twin sons) has retired already at age 58. That makes us feel older. And we too are entering into phase two of retirement, moving to town (crowded Katy, TX) to be close to our youngest and away from all the things we were doing up here.

Thank you for peeking in. I hardly ever dream, or if I do then I am not aware of doing it. I didn't dream this poem's content but rather keyed/penned an application of Poe's Dream with a Dream poem.
Jim said…
Oops, should be Poe's "Dream within a Dream" poem.
Sue in the Wood said…
Well, Jim, if you meet a fellow in Katy named Ed Fenner, tell him hi for me. We grew up together in Stephenville.

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