Our Third Oldest Grandson - Queens NY

Our third oldest grandson is Kathi's son, Tim.  He is nineteen and a sophomore at St. John's University in Queens, New York.  He is there on a full scholarship - so he's smart!  Just saying'.  And he's about to go back up there from Texas for his next year of schooling.  He loves it.

Yesterday he texted his mother, and it confirmed right away what I have known.  He's a good kid, and his mom is a good mother!

When Kathi goes to Queens she like to eat different ethnic foods, and I noticed that Andrew Zimmer's show, Bizarre Foods America, aired an episode on some of the food of Queens, so I watched it and was duly impressed.  I'd like to eat in every food place he showed!

On his show he mentioned a food blogger named Joe DiSefano whose blog is called Chopsticks and Marrow.  I've checked it out, and it really makes me want to eat my way through Queens.

I hope Tim will have the time and cash to try out some of these incredible eateries and that Kathi will enjoy a few as she travels back and forth.

Good luck on your sophomore year, Tim.  We are proud of you!


eileeninmd said…
Happy Birthday to your grandson!
Happy birthday to him. What a good boy! Make that young man!
J C said…
Sweet story about your grandson Sue. You have such a nice close family. :)

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