Old Friends Meet

Raf with Mitch and Becky Malseed

After a sort of rocky start today when Raf got too hot during church where he was serving, this afternoon he and his former roommate from the US Air Force and he were able to sit down for a meal and a visit - the last time being about 47 years ago!  It was wonderful to meet Mitch after having heard about him all these years, and it was great to meet his wife.  They are delightful, interesting folks who only live about 2 hours away in Oklahoma!  We hope to see them again soon.

Many of you may remember that about 10+ years ago Raf was able to connect with another US Air Force buddy, Bob Berry who now lives in Brownsville.  We have visited back and forth with him and his lovely Danish wife, Guni.

Bob and Guni Berry with Raf

Raf knew both of these men in Panama at different times during the Vietnam era, but they never knew each other.

I am blessed to have many friends with whom I have stayed in touch since I was born, but Raf isn't that blessed.  He is, however, blessed to have these two long time friends, and we look forward to many more adventures with them.


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