Be Still and Know!

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and, of course, a sinner - as are all Christians. I strive to witness to my faith. I strive to do what is right. Sometimes I am successful, and sometimes I fail, but I know that God forgives me. I believe that the Bible contains all things necessary for salvation, and I take the Bible at it's Word - the Word of God. I believe our nation was founded upon the principles and teachings of the Bible, and I am saddened when I see this great nation, and the world, headed toward destruction - away from God and from the teachings of the Bible. I pray that our nation will turn, once again, toward God, for I know He will forgive us. I am endeavoring, albeit not very successfully, to be still and thank God for all of His merciful kindness. God bless you all.


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